80s Video Dance Attack
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Happy March! We've got one more Crystal Ballroom date on the calendar until our big blowout 10th Anniversary Party in April!! Come help us celebrate 10 years of rockin' the 80s hits! Don't forget that we offer coat check at every video dance attack event for only $2!

Come celebrate with us! 80s Video Dance Attack offers table reservations in Lola's Room or the Crystal Ballroom for your birthday, bachelorette or other event! Email booking@80svideodanceattack.com to reserve your table today!



Fri March 6 - Lola's Room - $6, 8pm
Fri March 13 - Crystal Ballroom - $6, 8pm
Fri March 20 - Lola's Room - $6, 8pm
Fri March 27 - Lola's Room - $6, 9:30pm
Sat March 28 - All Decades in Lola's Room - $6, 9pm
Fri April 3 - Lola's Room - $6, 8pm
Fri April 10 - Lola's Room - $6, 8pm
Fri April 17 - 10th Anniversary Party! - Crystal Ballroom - $10, 8pm