80s Video Dance Attack
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It's almost May which means we go back to our "Summer schedule" and open doors at 9pm starting on the 2nd (we'll switch back to 8pm in September).

We'll be in Lola's for most of May except for Friday, May 9th in the Crystal Ballroom! 70s Night Fever returns to Lola's Room on Sat, May 10th and All Decades Video Dance rocks Lola's on Sat, May 24th!

Come celebrate with us! 80s Video Dance Attack offers table reservations in Lola's Room or the Crystal Ballroom for your birthday, bachelorette or other event! Email booking@80svideodanceattack.com to reserve your table today!



Fri April 25 - Lola's Room - $6, 8pm
Fri May 2 - Lola's Room - $6, 9pm
Fri May 9 - Crystal Ballroom - $6, 9pm
Sat May 10 - 70s Night Fever - Lola's Room - $6, 9pm
Fri May 16 - Lola's Room - $6, 9pm
Fri May 23 - Lola's Room - $6, 9pm
Sat May 24 - All Decades Video Dance - Lola's Room - $6, 9pm
Fri May 30 - Lola's Room - $6, 9pm